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76% of our customers experience up to 48% boost in sales and revenue numbers. Just let us fuel your long-terms growth too. 

Over 160 customers have already achieved better business results using Aimondo Ai-driven solutions

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5 stars

How we empower our customers 

Our customers get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities

Revenue growth

Brand Positioning

We use deep big data analytics techniques to automatically build and implement pricing strategies that boost your revenue without additional markdowns (price optimisation)

We help our customers in manufacturing and distribution business to get ultimate control over their sales channels and improve brand positioning using K-Clustering models in seller-distributor relationships.



Predictable Sales Velocity

Inventory Costs

We optimise inventory holding costs using complex models to minimise the standard error in turnover forecasting, and leveraging conditional prediction based on product price elasticity data, market price sensitivity and historical customer behaviour.

Our customers enjoy more manageable sales velocity and execute stock exits just in time due to our predictive analytics module and more accurate demand forecasts.




High-Performing Pricing Platform Across European & Global Markets

Profitable Pricing Strategies & Market Intelligence Wherever You Need Them

Services We Offer


Retailers/ Online Sellers


Price Monitoring Service (for all websites, including Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Idealo, etc.)

Price Optimization & Repricing based on market data and unique data analytics models including customer reviews

Sellers Relationship Management (built on K-Clustering and real-time market data)

Intelligent CPQ based on your own data sources and our advanced AI-driven analytical models

Predictive Analytics (more accurate demand forecasts, better stock exit strategies, price elasticity management, and many more )

Already using another price intelligence solution? We offer white-glove migration

Speak to an expert to get an estimation on how fast we can migrate your data to Aimondo Platform and deliver the results we promise

There are many great pricing and analytics solutions. But we do a better job. 

3 things that make Aimondo data analytics solution different from everyone else  

1. Any source, any format, any integration

Most predictive analytics solutions would limit you to a certain data source (for example, specific ERP system they will use as a source of truth). Or would requite a certain data format. Aimondo solution is fully ERP- or CRM-agnostic, and allows seamless integration with any data source. 

It also removes from your tech team the burden of standartising data sources: you can upload any data source you want and make the platform use it in the prediction model (for example, weather forecasts or a third-party marketing survey on consumer expectations).  

2. Our own data quality

Yes, you can use your own data sources. But you can also leverage our Market Intelligence module and get immediate access to your sellers' or competitors prices. We are proud that data we provide passes 3 stages of "cleaning up" before reaching our customers. We don't only do web scrapping to obtain most accurate information on prices but we also run complex outliers detection models and semantic analysis to make sure you get only accurate matches. And that all possible marches are found.  

3. Warp Speed

The quality of any tech solution for sales depends on the velocity of its operations. If you're selling thousands of items, or want to quote hundreds of distributors simultaneously you'd need a powerful infrastructure.
Aimondo has it all. We pool, process and update any amount of your data at a warp speed, and let you leverage all the powers of advanced tech today without the necessity of building these solutions in-house. 

"There are many solutions for pricing. But Aimondo is the only one who is fully committed to customer's profit growth and offers access to the most elaborate data analytics models that can be used by our employees without tech skills"

– Kömpf, DIY Retailer, Germany

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Step three. Hit your growth KPIs

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Guaranteed Results

Aimondo is the only pricing and predictive analytics solution you need to start seeing results in less than 3 months. 

Support Of All Locations

No matter how many markets you're selling on we can support your pricing strategies there.

Flexible Integration

We support different integration modes: full or limited automation and integration with your ERP system.